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Five Villas are Five Families

Our villa-centered care model creates a unique atmosphere per villa. We have women-only villas, men-only villas and co-ed villas. Each villa has a unique cultivated culture and vibe. Each villa is maintained by a dedicated house parent and floating staff that works with multiple villas.

Spacious and Luxurious Living Areas

We afford our residents privacy and comfort with well-maintained clean and comfortable living. Some rooms are singles, most rooms come with a roommate so our residents can maintain a social connection. Residents are given the freedom to decorate and maintain their room as they see fit, giving our residents a place to call their home and giving our residence a sense of pride in their living space.

Inviting and Warm Public Lounge Areas

Each villa has a public lounge area where residents can relax and socialize. Each lounge is decorated and maintained by the the house parents and other staff and is set up to cultivate a friendly and inviting culture around the house.

Themed and Appetizing Dining Areas

Each villa has a public dining area where our residents are served a varied dietician approved meal, cooked right on-site with fresh ingredients. Our menu is rotated around and our ingredients are freshly ordered. We strive to serve healthy and hearty food that our residents enjoy, and we serve to provide a dining experience our residents find truly hospitable.

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